Rescue 15

Rescue 15 is a telephonic service provided by the police to facilitate and cater emergencies. All calls are received, responded, lodged and recorded by the assistants through computers. Data recorded from callers includes the caller's name, time and date of the incident, place of incident, details of concerned police station and nature of crime.

Processing of Complaints

  • Information of any heinous or cognizable offence is immediately passed on to CPO by the head of rescue 15
  • Team leader also passes the information to wireless control and also to the in-charge at GPS (General Positioning System). Wireless control directs police mobile towards crime scene/ point of incident
  • GPS in-charge updates wireless control about the position of the nearest patrolling police vehicle for dispatching to the point of occurrence for prompt response
  • After which the police mobile reaches at the crime scene within 3 to 4 minutes in urban areas and 5 to 10 minutes in rural areas
  • After receiving information from wireless control that police mobile has reached to the place of incident team leader calls the aggrived or victim through official landline number to verify whether police mobile has reached at the said place or not
  • To initiate legal proceedings against the offender, caller is advised to contact the concerned police station